Music lessons for beginners

If you are a beginner just starting out here are three fundamental tips to help you get started and really enjoy your beginner music lessons.

1. Be honest with what you want to learn

If you truly love pop music from the 50's, don't be afraid to say so to your teacher. By learning things that you really love you will learn a lot faster. A common mistake is starting to absord the taste of your teacher. It's only natural, when you're just starting it's common for the teacher to be a huge influence. However, letting your teacher inspire you is not the same as giving up the tastes and sensibilities that are uniquely yours.

2. Find the right teacher

Finding the right teacher can help you improve faster as well as enjoying the process more. What makes a good fit is of course highly personal, but some of the things you could look for in a teacher is that their primary genre and techniques taught really is what you want to learn. For example, teachers often have a stronger background in either pop/rock, classical or jazz, and you may wish to choose one according to your own preferences. Practical things to consider are price, proximity and whether the teacher would be able to come to your home for your beginner music lessons. Also, trust your gut feeling to tell you whether the teacher is a person you feel comfortable with on a personal level.

3. Practice music, not technique

When you start taking lessons you will learn instrumental techniques. It will be fun and frustrating at the same time, and you'll enjoy the progress you make. However, don't forget that that techique always should be used to make music. That may sound obvious, but there is a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) difference between practicing technique and practicing music. The way you practice will be the way you play.

Ready to get started? Here on Good at Music you can find music teachers right where you live that give music lessons for beginners. You can also take lessons online from teachers all over the world.