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Good at Music is a truly global music teacher directory. The site helps music teachers and students to find each other all over the world for lessons in person or lessons live online. The global approach gives significantly more options and opens up for qualified tuition in unusual instruments and smaller genres. Naturally the service is also equally helpful for those who wish to operate locally only.

Music Teacher Website

As a music teacher you get your own page on the internet, where you can present yourself in a personal way using music, video and social media. We then actively market you and your page online. Once you have created your page you are easily found on google and other search engines. We also actively work to attract students to Good at Music through advertising and partner collaborations. Read more and sign up here!

Listing of Music Teachers

As a student you can search and browse our directory of music teachers. Through the teacher presentations you can then get to know them better before you make your choice. You can also take your lessons online. This is very helpful if you are looking for an unusal instrument, genre or technique, or if you are otherwise unable to travel to the teacher of your choice. Find your music teacher here!

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