Music Teacher Resources & Websites

In the list below we provide resources and websites that we think will be of value to music teachers. If you feel something is missing on the list please send us an email.

Websites & Magazines

Music teacher magazine - A UK magazine specifically for music teachers. Here you can find news and articles on various teaching topics.

MusTech – Articles and reviews on the topic of technology in music education.


Audacity – Audacity is free, open source software where you can record and edit sound clips. It doesn't have more advanced features such as automatic track splitting, but for basic tasks it's a great resource.

Impro-Visor – Software to help with improvisational skills. The project started as a research project. Some of the features include play-along music, note suggestions, automatic lick creation and text format sheet music input.


Musical Notes – View floating notes on sheet music and find the corresponding key on the piano.

Music Memory – Memorize notes corresponding with big buttons, and press the right one when you hear a note.

Melody Mayhem – Listen to a melody and choose the right sheet music, given two alternatives.

Storm Chasers – Steer a plane in a storm by deciding whether a melody is moving up or down.

Fretboard Quiz – Given a string and a fret on the guitar, name the note.

Music Matchem – Match an instrument with the sound it makes.

Music theory

Naxox Musical Terms – Naxos is one of the world's leading classical music labels. They offer quite an extensive dictionary on music words and terminology.

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