D.B. Brooks - Arranging Teacher

City: Miami, United States
Lessons: Arranging
Other: Arranging, Composition, Songwriting
Genres: Blues, Country music, Folk, Funk, Hip-Hop, Metal, Pop, R&B, Rock
Levels: Intermediate, Advanced, Master class
Price per hour: 40 Dollar
Gives lessons live online: Yes
I truly am a "Song Coach,." A "Coach" because my approach is different than most. How? Well, the difference is that I use a song based teaching method.....As my student(ages 12 & up), you'll learn songwriting by using and working on YOUR OWN SONGS! I found that learning concepts from a book or just plain "theory" was not enough. And why is that you may ask?

Understand, when you learn with classical music from a book, you as a pop artist must first learn the concepts or theory(from the book), THEN apply it to your songs. Again, as a Pop songwriting, it's not the most ideal way to learn. Wouldn't it be easier to learn these compositional techniques using your song and style in the first place! Of course it would...It makes for a faster and much funner learning experience!
Hi, My name is D.B. Brooks. I'm a Producer and Song Coach. This journey of mine started in 1999, when I began "coaching" artists in the art of songwriting while pursuing a degree in studio recording (I graduated in 2004). The more advice I gave, the more professional the songs and artist sounded!

These artists valued my input and grew to respect my ear for crafting catchy radio friendly songs! I have been doing songwriting, composing and singer style training/coaching full time, 5 days a week, for the past few years! I play piano, guitar, sing, produce, and write lyrics.

My various skills were developed over 10+ years of playing and recording in bands.
I graduated with a degree in Studio Recording for Scottsdale Community College in Arizona.
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