Peyton Jeong - Violin Teacher

City: Seoul, South Korea
Lessons: Violin
Other: Music theory, Piano
Genres: Baroque, Chamber Music, Church, Classical, Film Music
Levels: Intermediate, Advanced
Price per hour: 40 dollar - USD
Gives lessons live online: Yes
The violin seems to be tough to learn first. Because it's the opposite position of the gravity, so that arms and shoulders easily get to be in tension. My major goal is giving the freedom when people play the violin.

Depends on what purpose of the student, selecting books will be different. But it will be this composition:
1. Etudes/ Scales
2. Piece based on the purpose

I've been teaching students for 6 years. From 6 years old to adults, from beginners who can't see the notes to the advanced players who played for over 5 years.
Stared the violin and piano since 6 years old.

majored in ballet since teenager,
changed major to the violin was 19 years old.

after that, entered university majored in Violin, classical music.

studied Music Theory in English for 2 years with English text books (History of Western Music by Donald. J. Grout)
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